We believe that to deliver a lasting route out of homelessness, our guests need to be supported to not only find more stable accommodation, but also to help them to rebuild their lives.

Our guests can stay with us for periods that can be a few days or several months.  The length of their stay with us depends upon their particular circumstances and how quickly we can find alternative more stable accommodation for them. 

Many of our guests are vulnerable because of ill-health or circumstances such as family breakdown.  Our Advocate Workers assess their needs and work to access the services guests need to help them rebuild their lives and, where possible, move into more stable accommodation.

Our guests are referred by other homeless organisations and charities.  Although we would love to help people who approach us directly, the nature of the shelter means we have to ensure guests are able to manage a shelter environment and are ready to move forward in their lives.


  • Homeless charities and organsiations refer potential guests for the Shelter who wish to move off the streets
  • Advocate workers assess suitability for Shelter environment


  • Advocate workers support people to find more stable accommodation
  • Advocate workers ensure access to other services to help guests rebuild their lives


  • Guests receive support into new accommodation
  • Advocate Workers ensure ongoing support is in place

Hackney Winter Night Shelter is a Hackney Doorways project. Registered Charity number 1139183 Company number 07064774
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